A practice of architectural and industrial design tackling design problems with sustainable solutions. 

This practice is dedicated to projects of all scales from the various walks of our industry.

I believe that practicing architecture is the highest honor of mankind. Having the ability to shape and form the consciousness that we call reality for long enough to transcend generations is itself enough to support my belief. The notion seems to be quite exceeding of the typical scope of an architect when put this way, yet it is within our core, our nature, to build. I believe that human ingenuity will be the savior of our civilization.

Experiencing architecture and buildings makes my mind wander in a way that nothing else does. The experiential aspect of architecture triggers my emotions. It touches the soul. Only a few, in my opinion, have been able to design multi dimensional spaces. In this world, but not of it. My goal in life is to alter spaces, design for the future, and put together functional beauty that pays its tribute and respect to the environment, to mother nature.

Scope of services:

Architectural conception and design

Construction and shop drawings

Parametric modelling

Industrial and furniture conception

Interior layouts and renderings

Cost Estimation

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